International Read to Me!  Day

19 MarcH

The Child Writes Fund is inviting you to be part of this wonderful day. Promise to read to a child, share an image on social media, use the hashtag #readtomeday and definitely instruct the children in your village to remind YOU that they are to be read to regularly.

We aim to read to 1,000,000 children every year around the world. We will be watching social media and keeping track of how many times the videos are consumed and who is talking about International Read to Me! Day…

And yes, we would love to know how many children you read to! 

Please, sign up below and let's make this day amazing together! 

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Spread the word

As a literacy advocate, you create the opportunity to share the message about the importance of reading and potentially even influence government decision making, all within your own spear of influence. Contact your elected officials and ask them to support initiatives, which make a difference to the literacy skills of the children in your village. 

Also, you can simply share this website and the social media platforms within your own networks, creating a conversation beyond your own home. 



Who are you reading to?

If you are reading to your own child, your neighbour’s children, or even children at a local school, please share the image of you doing so. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the joy on a child’s face as they are being read to. 

Give the gift of knowledge 

We would love to link you up with amazing authors and illustrators to consider developing low-cost editions of their books for you to gift to children in your part of the world. You may be celebrating a national literacy day in your home country, birthdays, a major religious festival – regardless of ‘what’ the event is; the important thing is you could recognize this event with the gift of a book.

We are also looking for a freight partner to move books around the world. We know, for example, we can do a book drive collecting pre-loved books in eastern Australia and that there are schools in Uganda and Tanzania and Kenya, as well as northern Australia, who would love more books!


Interested? Speak to us today.  

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