Our Ambassadors

Keagan Wallace

Author of 'A Crash of Rhinos'

Jayde Rumoro

Author of 'Mitten the Kitten'


Digger Watts

Digger is the Co-Founder of Your Secret Sauce which is a platform designed specifically to bring kids from all over the world to write and read stories together.  He loves reading and believes that all kids should read more, so what better way than to create a way for kids to do that by reading stories that each other are writing!

Ali Coburn

Illustrator of 'A Crash of Rhinos'

Abby Johnstone

Illustrator of 'Mitten the Kitten'

Toby Little
United Kingdom

Author of 'Writing to the World'

Hana Khadir

A passionate reader and literacy advocate, Hana loves reading stories to her younger sister (who ensures a captive audience!) as a way to practice reading.

Our Team

Jill Boggiss
Bahrain & UK

Jill works for Clore Social Leadership as a leadership development coach. She is also the founder of Sweet Jilly Designs who raise funds for The Saturday Biryani Party with workers from a community-based organisation in Bahrain.


Sam Rowe & Azra Ali


Sam is a long-term volunteer with the Child Writes program and works as a firefighter in Toronto. Azra works as an emergency physician at North York General Hospital in Toronto and is an enthusiastic volunteer with refugees in Toronto.


Jan Savage
Sri Lanka

Jan is currently in the process of registering her UK-based charity called Me Mohothe Sita (meaning From This Moment), with the goal of raising funds to help impoverished children. She is also a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language and regularly gives lessons to young children from her own home.

Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos.png

Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos
United States

Over the past decade Demetra has served as caretaker to both her late mother, and late-husband; mother to a now 'tween', Katerina; business owner; designer; cancer patient; and renowned author.

Her 'The Letters From Around the World' series encourages children to speak languages by helping them sound out foreign alphabets.

Emma Mactaggart

Emma is the Creative Director of Boogie Books, a small press publisher with purpose, and is the Founder of The Child Writes Fund.


Lameck Elneus

Lameck is a reading champion at the Tabora Boys Secondary School in Tanzania.


Alistair King
New Zealand

Alistair King is the 18 year old Co-Founder of Woolly Productions Ltd, an impact driven enterprise based out of Nelson, New Zealand. Woolly Productions publishes a range of children's books donating a number of them to children in developing countries such as Vanuatu and El Salvador.


Don Hall

Don supports The Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation whose Mission Statement is to help Underprivileged Children in Indonesia.



Polly Lee

Polly is the Sales Director at Shenzhen Jinhao Color Printing Ltd creating beautiful childrens picture books



Zahra Kabiri

Zahra Kabiri is a children's book Illustrator, and the founder of Varta Publications, a local publisher of children's books in Iran. She is also an Art Facilitator for children who want to experience the joy of creating their own books. 


International Read to Me! Day is wholly supported by The Child Writes Fund.

The child writes fund

The Child Writes Fund is a stunning project, nurturing literacy and creativity, and giving primary school aged children a voice by offering them the opportunity to write and illustrate their own children's picture books. These books are published by boutique publisher Boogie Books, complete with ISBNs, a publishing contract and an official book launch! 

support our cause

Donors make a difference. Help us spread awareness and get more books into the hand's of children, quicker. All funds received are tax deductible (Donations to The Child Writes Fund Ltd Not-For-Profit Fundraising Account is part of the FRRR) and go towards helping underprivileged children improve their literacy skills - not only in your home country - but all around the world.  If you wish to make a donation, please do so by following the link below.