International Read to Me! Day

March 19th


Literacy is a gateway skill for us all.  If you can’t read you get left behind in so many ways.  This has a major impact on your opportunities in life.  Reading and writing create social connection and this creates opportunity for all; this is key to every child’s future success. 

We can all help children with their reading and we want to encourage children to ask you to help through dedicating a special day to this all round the world.  We want to change the dynamic and empower children to ask for more support, not just from their birth family but also from their community.  Marking a day when kids can ask to be read to is a key part of this strategy.

Held on March 19th every year, we have an opportunity to focus on a conversation revolving around reading.  By including team members from around the world, we have a conversation that is also enlightening as to the barriers to reading presented in different countries; perhaps a lack of resources, time-poor parents, inadequate educational support or geographic isolation and an insufficient amount of literature in a child’s native language.

Often, it can be a matter of sharing the needs of an organisation, the triumphs and successes and by using social media, International Read to Me! Day also proposes to salute and celebrate the literacy champions as well as bring attention to those in need.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a child to inspire a village

What YOU can do...

  1. Share
  2. Volunteer to read to children in your village – offering your time to schools, child care facilities, the next door neighbour… Tag your photo #readtomeday
  3. Volunteer to read to children via an established literacy organisation (see links
  4. Host a ‘It’s Not About Me’ Morning Tea! Invite your guests to donate a children’s picture book. There are organisations and groups around the world who desperately need resources, such as the Reading Club in Tanzania championed by Lameck (Tanzania Ambassador for IR2MDay) or send money / books to an established literacy organisation.