It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a child to inspire a village
— Emma Mactaggart, The Child Writes Fund

About us

International Read to Me! Day is an international campaign aimed at encouraging children to remind adults in their village to read to them often. It was created as another essential cog in the literacy advocacy wheel. It empowers and encourages children to participate in the conversation about their own literacy by reminding the adults around them about the importance of being read to, regularly. 


International Read to Me! Day aims to:

  1. Change the dynamic and empower children to ask for more support, not just from their birth family but also from their community.  Marking a day when kids can ask to be read to is a key part of this strategy. 
  2. Promote, encourage and inspire reading activities within communities; 

  3. And to showcase organisations who are passionate about improving the literacy standards of the children around them.

  4. To address the disparity between resources and where they are distributed, by supporting a book drive and sending the collected books to locations around the world to those who are looking for books!


Does reading make a difference?

No matter what else we tested for the results show that being read to remains an important factor that is not explained away by other factors such as the parents’ education. Children of 4 – 5 years old who are read to 3-4 times a week have reading ages 6 months ahead of children read to once or twice a week. Reading to children nearly every day almost doubles their progress to one year ahead of the group.
— Professor Guyonne Kalb, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research, Australia
Children’s knowledge of phonics rules is not related to how well they do on tests of real reading, tests in which they have to understand what they read. To do well on reading tests, children need to do a lot of pleasure reading.
— Professor Emeritus, Stephen Krashen University of Southern California, United States of America