This interactive picture book is a fun shared experience that puts the child in charge of the story. It's story time, but this book is too scared to tell you the story when it realizes there are monsters! Can you help it feel better? It needs you to rub away its goosebumps, blow away the giant butterflies in its tummy, and fan away the yucky smell the monsters have left behind. A fun and quirky interactive story, with distinctive and stylish illustrations from an innovative young illustrator and muralist

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The gloriously creative indulgence of simply sitting and day dreaming has given rise to the greatest creations in human history. We have to give ourselves permission to so so, and to imagine what will be. Of course, sometimes, 'what will be' may be very silly indeed! 


The Croc and the Platypus

The croc and the platypus trundled off in a rusty old Holden ute. They took some damper and tea in a hamper and bundled it up in the boot. Join Croc and Platypus for an Australian outback hullabaloo!



Dinner on the Doorstep is a celebration of community support through the eyes of a young child. This joyful story takes the reader through the week in the family’s life when mum is in hospital. Friends and neighbours help out and although they may not be able to make mum better they can help bring comfort by showing they care. The reader is encouraged to consider that the message of the story reaches far beyond the final pages.


Digby's moon mission

One night, Digby Fixit wakes to find his room in too much darkness!
Discovering the moon in a frightful state, he plans a clever mission to bring back the light of night. Digby's Moon Mission is a tale of curiosity, commitment and celebration. The engaging story portrays the importance of friendship, working together and embracing imagination. This eye-catching picture book is an entertaining and humorous read for young children and their families, many times over.


Mitten the kitten

Winner of the National Child Writes Competition 2014, Mitten the Kitten is a charming picture book about a feisty kitten who knows her own mind. When she gets distracted, however, she finds herself entering a world she had never imagined existed!

Mitten the Kitten is written and illustrated by our child ambassadors Jayde Rumoro and Abby Johnstone, two young Australian ladies who are passionate about helping homeless animals.



Lily Fabourama Glamourama is a tale of misadventure.  Lily is so excited to be going to her beautiful grandma’s to have morning tea. She simply needs to dress and go. It is when the search for one missing shoe that everything unravels, one task at a time. A glorious insight into life on a farm, as well as the integration between three generations of women.

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Tom and Tilly wish and wonder, will the lion come? Will he come and visit them for lots of lion fun? Here is a rip-roaring story about dads, the kings of the living room, and the special moments families share. Perfect for reading aloud with a playful parent or lion.



Do you think you can find some of New Zealand’s most iconic animals amongst our picturesque landscape? Where’e Woolly combine all that is great about New Zealand in a jam packed engaging experience, with fun facts, a great storyline and over 50 things to find Where’s Woolly is sure to engage and entertain over and over again.